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Organisational ESG services

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We undertake initial assessments to determine the ESG approach and needs of our clients by:

  • Assessing materiality for client market, industry, and value chain.

  • Assessing applicable and future ESG regulation.

  • Determining the most appropriate ESG standards and Frameworks.

  • Determining key stakeholder needs.

  • Benchmarking with competitors and industry leaders.

Strategy and Planning

We align client ESG strategy to support organisational goals and strategic direction.

Strategy implementation requires governance alignment, ensuring the right motivation and incentive structures are clearly embedded to achieve success.

Data capture, Reporting, and communications

Capturing accurate data and communicating performance through meaningful metrics and reports is critical for benchmarking and communicating action with stakeholders. This process is different in every organisation and depends on existing management, data systems, and reporting needs.

Previous and Current Clients

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