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Specialist ESG consulting


Frameworks and Standards

Providing guidance on adopting, implementing, and navigating through various ESG frameworks and standards. Tailored advice on integrating sustainable practices into business models in alignment with internationally recognized guidelines like GRI, SASB, TCFD, or SDGs.

Investment Strategies

Developing ESG-centric investment strategies to enhance financial performance while aligning with environmental, social, and governance goals. Assisting in identifying opportunities that offer both sustainability impact and financial returns, considering factors like impact investing, green bonds, and ESG-screened portfolios.

Due Diligence

Conducting comprehensive ESG due diligence to assess risks and opportunities associated with investments or acquisitions. Analyzing ESG-related data to evaluate potential environmental, social, and governance impacts on businesses, including regulatory compliance and reputational risks.


Crafting effective ESG communication strategies to engage stakeholders transparently. Helping organizations articulate their ESG efforts and impacts through reports, websites, and campaigns to build trust, enhance reputation, and attract investors and customers aligned with sustainable values.

Supply Chain Engagement

Assisting companies in understanding and managing ESG risks and opportunities across their supply chains. Offering strategies to engage suppliers, improve transparency, and drive sustainable practices throughout the value chain, addressing issues such as responsible sourcing, labor rights, and emissions reduction

Previous and Current Clients

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