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Organisational Carbon and Reduction


Carbon Footprint Assessment

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis to quantify the organization's carbon emissions across its operations, supply chain, and products/services.

  • Offer data collection tools, analysis, and reporting methodologies to identify high-impact areas.

  • Provide recommendations on emission reduction strategies tailored to the organization's specific footprint, considering Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment

  • Assess climate-related risks and opportunities relevant to the organization's operations, considering physical risks (such as extreme weather events) and transitional risks (like policy changes or market shifts).

  • Offer scenario analysis and stress-testing to evaluate the impact of climate-related risks on the organization's financial performance.

  • Provide guidance on seizing opportunities presented by emerging climate-related markets or technologies.

Carbon Neutrality and Reduction Strategies

  • Develop a roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality or significant emission reductions aligned with science-based targets or net-zero commitments.

  • Offer a range of mitigation strategies, including energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy adoption, offsetting mechanisms, and supply chain optimizations.

  • Provide guidance on engaging stakeholders, setting achievable goals, and implementing monitoring and reporting systems to track progress towards carbon reduction targets.

Previous and Current Clients

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